Seasons in Baja California Sur change constantly throughout the year, and with this, the marine life changes giving you the opportunity to experience unique wildlife encounters. In the fall, whales migrate from their summer feeding grounds and head south to Baja California Sur to have their babies. January 10th- March 20th is the time of the year that you can see both humpbacks and grey whales in Baja California Sur at the same time. Check out our combos and multi-day trips. We take you from where you are staying to where the best migrations are at the time. We even offer trips around the Baja so you can appreciate each migration in the area at the time you are visiting. We will also show you the surrounding area and the wonderful hidden treasures in the towns you will be based in.



December- April: Humpback whales in Cabo San Lucas

January- February: Blue whales in Loreto

January, February, and March: Grey whales in Mag bay

March-June: Mobula rays in La Ventana

June-July: Mobula rays in Cabo

September- May: Sea lions in La Paz

October-December: Marlins in Mag bay

November-April: Whale sharks in La Paz.

Animal migrations.

An adventure with any of these animals is unforgettable. We strive in taking you where the wonderful marine life is. We plan day trips and multi-day trips for you with transportation and accommodation if you need it. Your trips will be run by the best guides and you even get videos and photos to take home to remember your trip.

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