The season has been excellent so far!

The season of Mag bay has been incredible and there is still more to come. Trips to Mag bay run from October- February. We have had so much action in the water so far this season. We have seen super pods of dolphins, false orcas that wanted to show off for us. We had the pleasure of seeing a newborn humpback whale only minutes old. The striped marlin have been consistent and we have seen them on each trip and there have been sea lions and turtles each day of the trip. We have also been swimming with feavers of mobula rays throughout the whole season.

How the trip works.

Mag bay is a 6 hour drive from Cabo San Lucas, we can pick you up from Los Cabos, La Paz or even meet you there if you have transportation. On arrival, you will check into your hotel which is included in the price of the trip and you are told the plan for the next few day’s adventure on the ocean. Days start early in Mag bay so you have the opportunity to see all of the wonderful marine life and you have the chance to see the sunrise. You will be out on the water for 10-12 hours depending on the marine life and ocean conditions. You have the chance of seeing 7 different types of whales, 4 different types of dolphins, orcas, sea lions, false killer whales, turtles, mobula rays, tuna, dorado, skip jacks, sale fish and of course striped marlin. All of these specifies have been seen on our trips this season alone and we hope to see much more in the trips to come. You are able to choose how many water days you would like however it is recommended at least 2 to get the best variety of marine life. This is a snorkel and freediving trip, when an animal has been seen your guide checks if its behavior is calm and if it is the right time you can slide in the water and swim with the animal. This trip is perfect for animal lovers, ocean addicts and photographers.

If you would like further information about this trip, check out our website or send an email to us and we will be happy to answer any questions you have.

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