PADI Advanced Open Water

PADI Advanced Open Water

The PADI Advanced Open Water course is designed to be fun and educational. This course will advance your diving experience and there is only a small amount of theory involved so you can concentrate on diving and having a great time in the water.

What is involved?

You can start the course right after completing your PADI Open Water certification. The course consists of 5 dives and it will allow you to build your scuba skills through Adventure Dives in the bay of Cabo. These adventure dives will improve your buoyancy, navigation skills, allow you to be certified to dive to 100ft/ 30m along with the additional information you will learn that is not included in the Open water course. Your confidence in the water will increase and your skill level will improve. As you try out different specialties during each Adventure Dives, you will expand your diving knowledge and open up new avenues for your favorite hobby.

E-learning is an available option for this course, let us know via email if you are interested in this option and we will send you more information.

Ship wreck dive


Theory5 boat divesEquipment and tanksInstructorWater and snacksPhotos and videos


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