Dive the Socorro islands

Dive Revillagigedo AKA Socorro islands

Revillagigedo AKA Socorro islands are some of the most amazing dive sites in the world. Divers have been coming to these remote waters for years, the Revillagigedo Archipelago remains off the mainstream diving radar thanks to its remote location and is only accessible by liveaboard. This is the biggest national park in North America and it may take a long time to get to, but thanks to a variety of liveaboard operations, you have the chance to see some wild, pristine pelagic marine life around these wonderful islands.

Above water, Revillagigedo is wild, made up of a series of volcanic peaks rising from the depths. These rugged land masses remain totally uninhabited, with the exception of a small naval base on Socorro Island. Visitors aren’t permitted to go ashore and only divers can see this amazing part of the world.

Revillagigedo archipelago is home to and famous for its underwater animals, include manta rays, sharks, whales, whale sharks and friendly dolphins.

What can you see?

The Socorro diving season is from November to June. You can expect to see a lot of action from the 1200 resident mantas in the area on each trip. The mantas love divers bubble and use them as a bubble bath on their bellies. This gives you the opportunity to get a great interaction with the mantas and take the best photos.

There are 7 different types of sharks in Revialliedo, there is always a good chance to enjoy schools of hammerheads, silver tips at the cleaning station and there is even a chance of a tiger shark cruising by.

January-April is humpback whale season, with migratory whales and their calves frequently seen on the surface, if you are lucky they will stay around for you on a dive.

Whale sharks are most commonly seen from November -December and April through June, when massive blooms of plankton attract iconic wildlife. You can see some of the giant females appear from the blue and the occcational baby.

Getting there

Thanks to its remote location, it takes a whopping 30-hours to reach the archipelago. But don’t worry, the diving is well worth the extra long commute! Flying into SJD airport is easy from most US airports and the boats depart from either Cabo or San Jose, a quick and easy journey from the airport. It is recommended to arrive the day before so you have the chance to check out some local diving, ocean safaris or whale watching before the boat departs.

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