Whale shark and sea lion combo

While in La Paz make the most of the best activities.

La Paz, BCS is a beautiful town in Baja California Sur. During November- May you can take a boat and swim with whale sharks and sea lions. A lot of people do one trip or the other but you can make the most of your vacation and take the ultimate snorkel combo trip.

On the whale shark and sea lion combo, we take you out on the boat to swim with the biggest fish in the sea, the whale shark. Despite their size, whale sharks are docile and amazing animals to swim with. Once you have got your fix of snorkeling with whale sharks we will take you to one of the famous sea lions colonies on the west coast of Mexico and you will have the opportunity to snorkel with cheeky sea lions and beautiful coral surrounded by tropical fish.

Whale sharks

Whale sharks reach an average 40ft and 20 tons therefore seeing them in the water is so impressive. , they are completely docile and rarely bothered by human presence. This allows one of the most spectacular wildlife encounters for adventure seekers and snorkellers!

Sea lions

There are numerous sea lion colonys in La Paz. Sea lions in this area are used to snorkelers and al lot of the time they seem like dogs. When you snorkel with them they can cuddle you, play with your fins and snorkel and play fetch with rocks and starfish. Small juveniles dart back and forth under the watchful eye of older females but they keep coming back for human attention. These sea lions have no reason to be afraid of humansas it is a highly protected area.

Sea lion and whale shark combo

The combo offers you the opportunity of a wonderful day excursion to swim with whale sharks, snorkel with sea lions on the same boat trip, you will also get you lunch while you are there. If you are coming from Los Cabos we can also provide you with transportation. For more information check out our website or send us an email.

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