Mobula Swim

Swim amongst thousands of mobula rays, mini marvels of the ocean! For any ocean addict, the curiosity to interact with wildlife is thrilling. This excursion gives you the chance to swim with our favorite pelagics in their natural habitat.

Where the Pacific ocean and the Sea of Cortez meet is a crossroads of marine life. This is a migration route for different species throughout the year and this gives us the opportunity to get face to face with wild marine life you wouldn’t usually get to see.

mobula ray migration

Cabo San Lucas is a location where you can see migrating mobula rays that school in their thousands. This rare sight happens in a few places worldwide, however, this is a phenomenon that happens each year off the beautiful Mexican coastline. During the correct season, we will take you along the coastline and the open ocean to find the huge schools of mobulas, your guide will advise you when to jump into the water with between 5 and 5000 Mobula rays flying through the water. An additional bonus to this excursion is if you do not want to jump in the water, you can watch from the surface as these amazing creatures jump out of the water creating a show below and above the water. If there is any other marine life we spot along the way, your guide can take you to explore the wonders of the ocean and the creatures within it.


  • Snacks
  • Drinks
  • Equipment
  • Expert guide
  • Photos and videos from trip

What to bring:

  • Bathing suit
  • Hat/ biodegradable sunscreen
  • Cash for gratuity 10-15% is customary

Who is This trip for?

This trip is for everybody, no experience is necessary. For snorkeling a good level of swimming is ideal, you can also enjoy the trip from the boat. A fantastic trip for snorkeling and freediving. Ideal for photographers both at the surface and under the water.


Half day mobula swim


Full day mobula swim (includes lunch)


$100,- for a private guide.
$200,- for a private boat.
$100,- for a pro photographer on tour.
Private charters are available for $750 per boat.

Contact us so that we can discuss available options or a custom trip for you

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