Dive in Cabo San Lucas

Scuba Dive in Cabo San Lucas and you will be amazed how much marine life you can see in one area.
The bay is just a 7-minute boat ride from the marina to the dive sites where you can enjoy sea lions, octopus, and the big schools of fish that the Sea of Cortez offers.

The bay is protected by the peninsular, therefore, the conditions are calm and excellent for diving most days of the year.  There are rarely any currents and on a normal day, there is good visibility in the bay of Cabo.

Cabo corridor dive

Cabo San Lucas bay diving

There are 5 dive sites in the bay of Cabo San Lucas to be explored.  Each site has its unique qualities and an abundance of marine life, there is something for everybody.  The 5 dive sites in the bay are North wall, Pelican rock, Middle wall, Neptune’s Finger, and Lands end which is the sea lions colony. You have the chance to find sea lions, eels, mobula rays, sea horses, and nudibranchs at any of these dive sites.

You will be designated to a guide depending on your experience, we keep groups small to ensure we provide top quality service. We know some people have been out of the water for a while so we provide free refresher courses if needed. If there are non-divers on your trip, bring them along for the ride the dive sites in the bay of Cabo are also great for snorkelers.  You have the flexibility to choose how many dives you would like to do on your dive trip. We provide photos and videos for you to take home from your dive trip.

$90 1 tank, 2 hours

2 Tank Dive:

Two tanks trip will give you the opportunity to see the variety of marine life and stunning rock formations in the bay. On your surface interval, you have the chance to have your photo taken at the arch and go and see the dramatic rock formations on the pacific side.  In the right season, you have the chance to see whales or Mobula rays at the surface.

$150 2 tank, 4 hours

3 Tank Dive:

While you are on the boat and if you have the time, you may as well fit in another dive.  You can see another dive site in the bay or corridor.

$180 3 tanks, 5.5 hours


You will start your diving experience by meeting your wonderful PADI Scuba instructor and captain on the marina of Cabo San Lucas. Here you will receive your diving equipment if needed.
On the way to the dive site, your instructor will set up your equipment and give you a dive site briefing.

Sea of Cortez Liveaboard


  • Water
  • Snack
  • Guide
  • Photos/videos
  • Lunch on the 3 tank combo
  • Experienced guide and captain

What to bring:

  • Bio-degradable sunscreen
  • Bathing suit
  • Gratuity for guide and captain

Contact us so that we can discuss available options or a custom trip, boat or menu for breakfast and lunch for you and your party.

Optional add on’s:

  • $30- gear rental
  • $50- for a private guide.
  • $400- private boat
  • $100- for a pro photographer on tour.