Manta Ray Dive

Manta ray dive- Dive with giant mantas and sealions in La Reina close to La Paz. The dive site is covered in wonderful coral, nudibranchs, tropical fish and it is also home to a colony of cheeky sea lions.  Mantas come to this site yearly and swim along with divers so you can look them in the eye. Your guide will be taking videos with you and these wonderful creatures.

La Reina History

The Giant Mantas disappeared from the Baja for 15 years however in 2016 we received the good news that the Giant Mantas have returned to La Reina.  Each year they have been returning to this wonderful dive site. 

Manta ray snorkel


You will be picked up from your accommodation and taken to the marina in an air-conditioned vehicle. There will be a breakfast snack for you in the transportation and we can stop along the way for breakfast and coffee. The boat ride depending on conditions takes two hours.  Along the way, there is a good chance to see pelagic life like dolphins, whales, mobulas or orcas if this happens we can take photos or snorkel with them. 
Along the way, your guide will set up your gear for you so you can relax and you will receive a dive site briefing. When you are at La Reina you have the chance to do 2 dive to enjoy the mantas and all the wonderful dive site has to offer.
Lunch will be provided on the boat and we can stop at a secret spot with a wonderful view to enjoy it!

Unique service

We take small groups and groups that know each other so you receive personalized service and the best experience. We can accommodate a mixed group of divers, snorkelers, and boat passengers.

Minimum 3 divers
Manta Ray Dive P.P.


Private boat
Manta Ray Dive private boat


Manta ray snorkel

Snorkel with giant manta rays

La Reina is a beautiful snorkel area that you can snorkel with giant mantas. While you are snorkeling from the surface you have the chance to see big schools of fish, playful sea lions and turtles.  On the boat ride to the snorkel area, there is a good chance to see dolphins, Mobula rays, whales or orcas, you also have the option to hop in the water with anything you see.

This is a premier snorkel area for people who love snorkeling and day trips that are filled with nature. We can mix groups of divers, snorkelers and boat passengers on a boat and we can accommodate to your needs.

Manta snorkel


You will be picked up from your hotel, anywhere south of La Paz on the map, and you will be taken to the boat.  You can enjoy the boat ride to the snorkel area and along the way If we see dolphins, whales, mobulas or orcas, we can take photos or snorkel with them.  At the snorkel area, we will snorkel and look for giant mantas, sea lions, and many types of tropical fish.  On the way back we will stop for lunch on a beach and return back to land.  On the way back we can stop at a local town for you to explore before returning you to your hotel.  All of the photos and videos were taken by your guide will be included in the trip.


Mata Ray Snorkel P.P.


Contact us so that we can discuss a custom trip, different boat options or special rates for large groups.

We can arrange a menu for breakfast and lunch for you and your party.

$100,- for a pro photographer on tour.
Private charters are available for $750 per boat.