Marlin Swim

Our highly experienced guides ensure your journey is breathtaking. Our highly experienced guides ensure your journey is breathtaking. You can experience this unforgettable trip in October/November beginning from your hotel and the action happens off the wild coastline of the Baja California Peninsula in the Pacific Ocean. You can be in the water, swimming alongside Schools of marlin, bait balls of sardines and sea lions along with the chance of whales, orcas along with other wonderful pelagics. The Mexican sardine run is the second biggest sardine migration worldwide.  You can see 20 or more striped marlin work together in their natural environment flashing their beautiful colours as they hunt beside sea lions and other pelagics in the sardine buffet.


Every autumn giant bait balls congregate offshore from Magdalena bay, a 5 hours drive from Cabo San Lucas. The ocean’s pelagic predator, creates one of this planet’s most astounding shows, as the striped marlin darts towards the surface to push the sardines to shallow water. This gives us the opportunity to enjoy these huge bait balls, the marlin hunting alongside thousands of frigate birds, numerous sea lions, with the chance of sailfish, tuna, orcas as well as whales.

The average visibility is 90 ft/27 m so you can take this unique opportunity to get face to face with the striped marlin. This fish is usually too fast and difficult to see under the water, you will have the chance to take outstanding photos. This is a wildlife experience you can enjoy for the entire day, and remember for life.

Day 1:

You will be collected from your hotel in Cabo San Lucas, San Jose or La Paz.  From here we will drive North around 5-6 hours, we give you the opportunity to be flexible and see more of the wonderful Baja as you will have the opportunity to stop along the way to see the cactus-filled deserts of Baja, local famous restaurants or beaches.

On arrival we will check into our hotel and enjoy a typical Mexican dinner in a quiet town away from city life and tourism.

Day 2:

We will set off by boat to get to the mouth of the port where our talented and experienced guides and captains search for the bait ball. You will be advised when to enter the water and your guide will take you to the area of the action so you can swim alongside the wonderful striped marlin and other pelagic guests that choose to join you.

When it gets closer to the end of the day we will head back to the port, and make our way back in the air conditioned transportation to the door of your hotel in La Paz, Cabo or San Jose.

The trip

  • Each trip accommodates up to 6 people, this allows a personal service for your trip. You will also be able to enjoy as much time in the water with the marine life as possible.
  • Please note we do reserve private charters, Please let us know the dates you are looking at.
  • Trips take 1 day to travel there and one day back with the additional days you would like to spend on the water. We also offer combo trips where you can do a multi-day trip snorkeling with sea lions and the marlin swim.
  • You decide if you want 1, 2 or 3 days in the water watching this breathtaking show, check out Schedule below.
2020 Schedule 2020 Schedule 2020 Schedule
22-25 September-Sold out 16-19 October Sealion/marlin combo 10-13 November
27-30 September-Sold out 21-24 October 15-20 November
22-25 No 2-5 October 26-28 October sealion/ marlin combo 22-25 November
27-30 November7-10 October 30 October-2 November 27-30 November
12-14 October 4-8 November 2-5 December-Sold out


  • You experienced guide with you from your hotel throughout the trip
  • Return air-conditioned transportation from San Jose, Cabo San Lucas or La Paz
  • The option to be flexible and see some of the Baja along the way
  • Accommodation in a local hotel double occupancy (additional $200US per person per private room)
  • Light breakfast on in-water days, lunch, water and soft drinks onboard the boat
  • Snorkeling from a boat looking for striped marlin and any other pelagic life we see along the way
  • Photos and videos of the trip

What to bring:

  • Layers and heavy clothes for wind on boat ride
  • Wind jacket
  • swimsuit
  • Fins, mask and snorkel, wetsuit (3 or 5 mm)
  • Cameras and go pros
  • Bio-degradable sunscreen
  • Seasickness tablets if needed
  • Cash for gratuity for the crew (10-15% of trip is customary) and for dinners at restaurants and alcoholic drinks
  • Mask, fins and snorkel, weights, weight belt (possible to rent)
1 day in water marlin swim excursion-3 days total, 1 day in water


2 day in water marlin swim excursion-4 days total, 2 days in the water


$100,- for a private guide.
$200,- for a private boat.
$100,- for a pro photographer on tour.
Private charters are available for $750 per boat.

Contact us so that we can discuss available options or a custom trip for you


As this is an excursion in the ocean looking for wild animals, of course nothing is guaranteed. However, this parade of pelagics are all feeding on tiny sardines which gives you the chance to get close to the action and watch this array of wildlife work together.


  • Be able to swim to a good level
  • Be in good physical condition
  • Be at least 13 years old and with an adult if under 18
  • Signing waiver of responsibility
  • Ability to handle long periods on a boat

Striped Marlin

Striped marlins are classed as near threatened according to the IUCN Red List so it is important we swim with them and enjoy their beauty in the water rather than a result of sport fishing or commercial fishing.


Our priority is your safety. You will receive a full safety briefing on the boat before you swim so you understand the behavior of the animals and how to experience the best encounter. Your group will be lead by a skilled and experienced guide with a strong aquatic ability to allow you to get the most from the experience. This trip is for beginners as well as professionals, you do not need experience however you do need to have a good swimming ability and a good level of fitness.

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