Ocean safari with mantas and much more.

Join one of our ocean safaris in search of giant manta rays. This is the time of the year (the summer months) manta rays spend their time around Island Ceralvo. We run daily trips to take wild life lovers out on a safari to snorkel with these amazing animals.

Mantas in Baja California Sur

Manta rays were not seen around Cerralvo island for around 15 years, in June 2018 around a dozen giant mantas wwere seen seen and identified and several of them have been tagged with satellite trackers and acoustic tags tell us why they have returned to the area and give us insight into their behavior.

Oceanic giant manta rays (Mobula birostris) have now been in this area of Sea of Cortez each year since 2018. Not only can you see mantas in this area, but there are also humpback, sperm whales, whale sharks, dolphins and sea lions. If the mantas follow thair recent patterns they will be in the area until November. Come and snorkel with them.

Our trips are based on responsible interactions with mantas and other marine animals, our goal is for you to see amazing marine life and have the best time as well as the animal to feel safe and not stressed.

Come and jon us for an unforgetable safari snorkeling with giant manta rays and more. We also offer diving. Contact for more info.

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