Manta snorkel

Manta snorkel around the coastline of La Ventana is rich with marine life, come and see it for yourself. We will take you to a pristine snorkel area where you can snorkel with giant mantas. While you are snorkeling from the surface you have the chance to see big schools of fish, playful sea lions, and turtles.  On the boat ride to the snorkel area, there is a good chance to see dolphins, Mobula rays, whales or orcas, you also have the option to hop in the water with anything you see.


Manta ray snorkel will depart by boat, you will be given your snorkel gear if you need it and you can relax and enjoy the journey to the island. Along the way, you can watch out for dolphins and schools of mobula rays popping out of the water and you can enjoy the views of the wonderful beaches and rock formations.

When we arrive at the island you will be given a briefing about the snorkel area. During your snorkel, you will see amazing marine life, sea lions, coral and thousands of tropical fish.

This is a premier snorkel trip for people who love adventure and day trips that are filled with nature. We can mix groups of divers, snorkelers and boat passengers on a boat and we can accommodate to your needs.

$200USD per person minimum 2 people.

Let us know if you are a solo traveler, we may be able to join you with another group.

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