Have you been diving with sea lions?

One of the most fun animals to dive with are sea lions. They are cute, smart and interact with divers, its even fun to watch how they socialize with each other in the wwater. We usually see California Sea Lions in groups, on rocks and surfaces at some of our favorite dive sites. Snorkeling and diving with these animals is a delight and are lucky to have dive sites in Baja California Sur where we can nearly guarantee encounters with these under water puppys. We can take you to numerous destinations to see sea lions like Land’s End, a dive site in Cabo San Lucas, Los Islotes near La Paz and in open ocean during our Manta safari from La Ventana or marlin swim off of Magdalena Bay.

There are some dive sites in Cabo San Lucas where you have the chance to dive with sea lions inside the bay. there are around 20-30 sea lions in this sealions colony, mostly male and they are quite active during certain times of the year. You also have the chance to enjoy mobula rays, sea horses and big schools of fish at the same dive site. We meet you at the marina and take you for 2 exciting dives.

If you are looking for a sea lions overload there is a colony you can dive at with over 600 individuals. There are many are babys at this dive site because this is the nursery, the babys want to play like puppys with you. These trips leave Los Cabos in our transportation and we take you by boat from La Paz to the colony. Lunch is included and you are going to have one of the most memrerable dives.

We run daily dive trips to see the sea lions in Cabo San Lucas and to Los Islotes, the sea lion nursery in La Paz, and in other destinations across the Baja, let us know when you will be visiting or contact us for more information.

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