Swim With Marlins In Cabo!

In October and November each year in Mexico, a river of sardines migrate along the Pacific coast of Baja California Sur. This sardine migration provides food for thousands of predators including marlins, sea lions, sharks, dolphins and sea birds.

This trip gives you the opportunity to see striped marlin at work, hunting in and out of the bait ball leaving behind scales shining in the sun.  You have the opportunity to see all of their amazing colours as they dart around catching their feast. 

Marlins are the ocean’s pelagic predators and this feeding frenzy creates one of this planet’s most astounding shows, as the striped marlin darts towards the surface to push the sardines to shallow water. This gives us the opportunity to enjoy these huge bait balls and the marlin hunting alongside thousands of frigate birds, numerous sea lions, with the chance of sailfish, tuna, orcas as well as whales.

The average visibility is 90 ft/27 m so you can take this unique opportunity to get face to face with the striped marlin. This fish is usually too fast and difficult to see under the water, you will have the chance to take outstanding photos. This is a wildlife experience you can enjoy for the entire day, and remember for life.

Snorkel With Marlins

Each morning we head to the ocean early doors to get the best show. When we find the action area, you will see the ocean boiling over with activity as the marlins rocket in and out of the bait ball of hopeless sardines. When we see there is action we jump immediately to snorkel and enjoy the marlin mayhem until the sun goes down.

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If you would like to be a part of the action and witness this amazing sardine run, check out our marlin swim tour and join us later this year.

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