A new season 2022

This time on the journey from Cabo to Mag bay we stopped to dive with the adorable sea lion puppies. They were so playful, we got an hour-long interaction with them. After the excitement, we continued north to Mag bay. After a great night’s sleep and some handmade tortillas, we started our trip out on the water to find striped marlin.

This is a snorkel and freediving trip so when we find striped marlin (or any animal for that matter) we started the morning with sunrise at the bird island, we were dazzled by the number of bird flying over us as they take flight for the day. Next was our journey to the mouth of the pacific ocean. Along the way, we spotted a pod of bottle-nose dolphins and a super squadron of mobula rays. We were lucky enough to swim with the mobula rays and the water was crystal clear.

After spending a wonderful time watching the graceful formations of the mobula rays we came across a pod of common dolphins that played around the boat for a long time.

Now we were on a mission to get to the marlin area. Our captain accelerated and got us to the area where the marlins were active. there were also turtles at the surface every 3 meaters. The sardines were rushing back and forth as the marlin were picking off individuals. When the time was right we jumped in the water with numerous striped marlins and they cruised right past us giving us the chance to enjoy their wonderful colors.

On the way back to the dock after a wonderful 10-hour day on the water we came across 4 humpback whales. We stayed with mom and baby for around 1 hour.

There is even more than the marine life in Mag bay, you can enjoy the mangroves, where all the wonderful life begins and even the sand dunes.

Mag bay season is from October- February, ask for more information or check out our page for more on this unforgettable trip.

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