The marvolus mobula rays in Los Cabos,Baja California, Mexico

Each summer schools of Mobula Munkiana, known as Mobula Rays take over the waters of the Sea of Cortez & Pacific Ocean. You can snorkel with them from March and in June and July you can take a boat from Cabo San Lucas or San Jose to see them with your own eyes. Seeing the mobula rays around Baja California peninsula in Mexico is one of the greatest snorkel and free diving experiences on earth. You even have the opportunity to scuba dive with the schools of mobula rays along with cow nose rays.

Mobula season 2022

This year we have had the most amazing season with the mobula rays since March and now they are migrating down to Los Cabos to mate. Our mobula swim tours are daily from Cabo San Lucas and San Jose to look for super squadrons of mobula rays as well as other pelagic marine life like dolphins and orcas, we can even take you to stop at a nice reef to snorkel if you would like.

Like clockwork each year when the water temperatures change mobula rays school in groups of thousands around the shores of Cabo San Lucas and San Jose, Baja California Sur, Mexico providing us with the opportunity to dive, snorkel and free dive with some of the most incredible shows in the water.

Mobula rays also jump out of the water and perform acrobatic shows for their audience. Nature offers us a show at the surface and underwater with these amazing animals.

Mobula Munkiana‘s grow to only 1 meter wide which makes them the smallest of the Mobula family.  Mobula rays are in the Los Cabos area between March to July and again in November-January. During each season we run mobula tours to enjoy these wonderful animals.

If you are looking for a different adventure on the water while you are in Los Cabos come and join one of our Mobula swim tours to witness mobula rays in their natural environment.

Check out our Mobula ray 2022 season so far to get a better idea of the tour.

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