Just off the coast of Baja California Sur, near La Paz, lies one of the best snorkel and dive sites in the Sea of Cortez. It is part of a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, these islands, along with their surrounding reefs are home to some wonderful forms of marine life.

The most exciting animal to see in this reserve are the Sea lions. This is a nursery and the place female sea lions give birth to their pups each year. These baby sealions are inquisitive and like to interact with snorkelers and divers. They play fetch with rocks and starfish and love to nibble on a pair of fins.

Swimming around the circumference of Los Islotes is possible, though the water in some areas is quite shallow, and access is often restricted by tour guides. Young adolescent sea lions can be seen playing in the surf and sunbathing on rocks. The bark of dominant males echoes above and below the water as they patrol the sea for threats to the colony and to their rule. Above the water, the animals populate every rocky outcropping, lying prostrate in the sun.

Each side of this sea lions paradise offers a different look at the sea lions’ habits. You can see the nursery on one side and there are also areas where all of the babies hang out and there are family areas also. You can see the occasional massive male sit and sunbathe, watching over its territory.

One of the wonders of Los Islotes is the giant arch that rises from the sea. There, divers and snorkelers can pass through watching the sea lions dart back and forth and enjoy the wonderful flower cup coral and tropical fish.

We run dive and snorkel tours to this magical sea lion colony each day from September-June and provide transportation from Los Cabos. For more information check out our website or send us an email.

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