Whale Watching Tours in Cabo

Each year from December to April there is a whale migration in Cabo San Lucas which makes whale watching in the area increasable. The species of whale most found along the coastline of Cabo San Lucas is the Humpback Whale.


These Humpbacks are members of the North Eastern Pacific Population. This population is estimated to be over 18,000 whales. Their annual population growth rate is between 6-7% which means the populations are thriving and there and many individuals to spot on a whale watching boat .

It can take up to 40 days to make the journey south from feeding grounds to Cabo, therefore, what is the reason these whales make this huge journey?

Cabo’s location at the tip of the Baja peninsula provides a unique topographical profile, especially to the Sea of Cortez side. There are shallow protected bays that are used by pregnant females for calving and for nursing. Most births occur in early January, the later weeks of the Whale watching season are dominated by mother and baby pairs.

Why the acrobatics?

Humpback whales sing, only male humpback whales sing. This suggests the song is a mating display. To mate the males start to follow females, soon forming a group of aggressive males who physically compete for the preferred position of Escort/pack leader. Once the female has successfully mated she will usually leave the area, migrating north to the feeding grounds to begin feeding in anticipation of the pregnancy.

The babies

The baby Humpback is 12-15 feet in length and weighs 1-2 tons. The calf will feed exclusively from the mothers milk, growing up to 45kg a day. Mom and her baby will stay together and share a bond for one year. The birth happens in Cabo San Lucas and in the following months the babies learn from their mother . It is possible to see the baby and mother breaching or fin slapping from a whale watching boat. Whale watching is a must do activity in Cabo San Lucas, boats leaves each day from the marina to see the acrobatic jumps and leaps of these amazing animals. For more information check out our whale watching tours in cabo or contact us to book a trip via the email

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