Just 270km north of La Paz there is a sleepy fisherman town called Lopez Mateos otherwise known as Magdalena bay.  This is one of the only places in the world you have the chance to interact with Grey whales.

Each year in the months of January to April the arrival of Grey whales in the Lagoons of the area, this attracts people from around the world for a close encounter with these incredible animals in their natural habitat.

The lagoons of Magdalena bay are calving areas for the Gray Whales.  They have a calm nature and they are known for being friendly and curious, this is the reason you can hope for an unforgettable up-close interaction.

The Whales migration path is is the Pacific coastline down to the Baja Peninsula.  The Grey Whales take four months each year to complete this journey.  The pregnant females lead the way, their purpose for migration is to have their young in the warm calm waters of the Baja.

By taking a trip to Magelana bay you have the chance to see the newborn calves explore and discover.  Gray Whales are so friendly that on many occasions they swim right up to the boats and allow human contact.

Around April the calves and their mothers are the last to head back up to the chilly northern waters.


Driving to Magdalena bay you get to see the rugged mountains of the Baja and typical Mexican small towns we pass through along the way.  On the boat, you can also enjoy birdwatching, dolphins and beautiful sand dunes.

Joining cabo excursions for this magical experience you will have fantastic encounters as we use the best captains and guides to find the experience you have been dreaming of.

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