One of the most outstanding activities in Baja California is a boat ride to look for the Blue Whales. Seeing these creatures up-close is a mind-blowing experience. You can hear the breaths of these beautiful creatures just while sitting on the boat.

Loreto is a small and quiet city located about 350 km north of the capital of Baja California Sur, La Paz. In February and march Blue Whales migrate to Loreto National Marine Park to have their young, mate and feed. They come here as it is a safe area for them as it is almost predator free so the mothers are relaxed while they care for their young.

Blue whales are the biggest creature on the planet at a huge 85 foot long, you can also see their water spray more than 20 feet high as they exhale at the surface. They blow at least three times each time they surface so there is a good chance to see them before they flip their beautiful tails for their next slow descent. As they are at the surface this is the time to get the perfect photo opportunity of this incredible animal.

In the past the Blue Whales were almost extinct due to whaling but their numbers are now up to around an estimated 13,000. It is difficult to encounter these amazing animals in many parts of the world, however, spring in Loreto is where you can experience a magical Blue Whale encounter. To make the trip even more exciting along the way on the boat ride, it is possible to see Humpback whales, dolphins, Manta Rays and Fin Whales, the bay of Loreto is packed with wonderful marine life.

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