Tonga trip 2023

Have you ever wanted to swim with whales in clear water and the whales are relaxed and allow you to get THAT photo…. our Tonga whale safai September 2023 is the trip for you!

Come join us aboard our private boat for a whale watching and joining the whales in the water for 5 days straight. We provide you with all the gear you need, lunch & snacks, professional and licensed guides and beautiful accommodations, you just need to hop in the water and focus on enjoying those whales.  You will be on the water with the whales for 5 days so you can experience a wide range of different behaviors by both mother and baby whales and singing males.

The whales

It’s almost impossible to describe what it’s like to swim with humpback whales, you have the chance to jump into the endless blue sea of Tonga and get eye to eye with a humpback whale.

You have the chance of getting in the water to hear a singer, a bachelor whale singing to call a mate. At the lower frequencies of his song, you don’t hear the notes so much as feel them vibrating through your chest, taking over your entire body.

If you’re lucky, there will be a moment where you’re eye to eye with a mother and calf. You’ll see them glide up from the ocean depths, surfacing to take a breath before plunging back down. The water is so clear you can see each movement and sometimes the mother pushes its calf closer to you to show it off.

The boat

We will be out on 9-meter boats are both fast, twin-engine and purpose-built with observation deck, sunshade, toilet, easy access in and out of the water, and licensed experienced crew.

Enjoy a nice lunch, coffee/tea/water, snorkel gear if you don’t have your own, shorty wetsuit, and a hooded neoprene jacket to wear while board if needed.  There is a maximum of 8 people on this private trip and we swim in groups of 4 guests at any one time with our licensed guide.


We provide you with a gorgeous house next to the water with a deck to relax on and a kitchen to cook in if you want to rustle up a snack. You will have a transfer from the airport and to the boat each morning and back to your house each afternoon.

This is one of the best places worldwide to experience this show. Come and Join our whale safari Septemebr 2023 for a 5day experience of a life time.

For more information contact us or check out our website.

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