Baja California Sur ocean safaris

Sperm Whales are encountered off the coastline of La Ventana around September. We take trips from Los Cabos to La Ventana to enjoy a wild ocean safari to get close up with sperm whales and giant manta rays.

Sperm whales

Sperm whales can be seen off the coast of Baja California Sur hunting in the deep ocean trenches where they find their favorite food, squid. The sperm whales we see are usually small groups of females and juveniles who do not migrate to the poles like the larger males, the opportunity to encounter Sperm whales is during a small time window, make the most of it while you can.

About sperm whales.

The sperm whale is one of the deepest diving mammals it makes dives of up to 400 m, but can reach depths of up to 2-3km. Although 45 minutes is the average dive time, it is thought to be able to hold its breath for up to two hours.

Giant Mantas

Between July and October, mantas migrate to an island off La Ventana. On our safaris, you have the chance to snorkel, free dive or scuba dive with manta rays. These safaris are fantastic, you have the chance to see dolphins, sea lions, sperm whales, mantas, could you ask for much more?

Our trips

Our trips include transportation, a guide, lunch and equipment. This is a trip for ocean lovers and adventure seekers. For more information please email us.

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