Humpback, grey & blue whale

Seasons in Baja California Sur change constantly throughout the year, and with this, the marine life changes giving you the opportunity to experience unique wildlife encounters. Enjoy our humpback, blue and grey whale combo. In the fall as whales migrate from their summer feeding grounds and head south to Baja California Sur to have their babies. The end of January and February is the time of the year that you can see 3 types of whales in the Baja, Blue,  humpbacks and grey whales.


  • Transportation
  • Accommodation
  • Boat trips
  • Videos

What to bring

  • Clothes and a light jacket
  • Cash tips for crew


Day 1- Watch acrobatic humpback whales jump and fins slap as they look for their mate and show their babies how to behave move north and stay in your hotel close to Mag bay.

Day 2- Spend the morning on the ocean watching blue whales, the biggest animal on the planet. Explore the sleepy mission town of Loreto before heading to Mag bay.

Day 3- Spend the morning on the ocean enjoying grey whales spy hop and wait for them to come close enough to touch to the boat. Head back to Cabo San Lucas and explore La Paz along the way.

Humpback, grey & blue whale combo $1200 per person-minimum 2 people