Summer in Baja California Sur!

This season so far has been fantastic for Giant manta rays. We take you on an adventure to dive or snorkel with giant manta rays during the small amount of time they migrate to the area. The season can be from July to October and you have the chance to see a wide range of marine life, like whales, orcas, dolphins, mobula rays and more.

The mantas

Manta rays migrated to Baja California Sur each year and for unknown reasons stopped coming for many years. After around 20 years of disappearing, they made a comeback over the last few years during the summer months and we now have the chance to snorkel and dive with them.

The trip

If you join us for an excursion with the Mantas we take a boat out of our favorite part of the Baja to snorkel and dive with giant manta rays in their natural environment. Along the way, we usually see dolphins, orcas, sea lions as well as a surprise appearance from big marine animals. The dive/ snorkel site is one of the best in Baja, you can see barracudas, sea lions, and turtles cruising along the beautiful reef. You have the opportunity to eat lunch on a pristine beach and enjoy your time in a quiet part of the world, off the beaten track with all of your favorite pelagic animals.

For more information about a snorkel or dive trip with mantas check out our website or email us with questions you may have.

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