Trip report October 30 2022

Our ocean safaris run year-round and we depart from Cabo San Lucas. We usually take people into the Pacific by boat and head out 3 or 4 miles offshore to look for pelagic marine life. If it is the season to leave from different locations to see amazing marine life in Baja California Sur we will drive you to the location and take the boat out. For example, during April- May it is the mobula ray season in La Ventana and we run daily trips to take people out and swim with mobula rays.

We are approaching November and the humpback whale migration is arriving. We have been seeing the odd whale here and there on our ocean safaris however today was outstanding.

We made out way to the pacific side and the captain was sure we were going to see whales.. he was right. We had 3 humpback whales come directly to our boat and they stayed with us for over an hour until the children on the trip decided they wanted to snorkel on a reef. They swam under the boat, showed us their tails and really gave us an amazing show.

We also got the chance to snorkel with over 10 sea lions who were playing with each other right in front of us.

This was a trip to remember and we look forward to more and more amazing whale interactions as more whales arrive to the waters of Los Cabos. To find out more check out our website or send us an email.

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