Trip report June 10 2022

As we left the shore we got the first rain of the year, this didn’t stop the excitement of what we were going to see during the day, it turned into the best day ever.

This was our second day of the safari in La Ventana. The previous day we were with a mom and baby orca and briefly saw 6 other members of her pod. Today we decided to go back to the same area and see if we could again find the family of orcas.

When we found the pod they were so calm and relaxed. They were swimming but staying in exactly the same area, there was so much joy and excitement on the boat. We soon realized that they had caught a huge mola, a rare sighting for the area, and the pod was playing with it. We could see the orcas slowly picking off chunks from the sunfish and they seemed like they wanted to show us their prize.

Orca eating a chunk of mola mola

We had eye contact fro the orcs and they circled back to spend more time with us the interaction was phenomenal. At one point our boat was completely surrounded by orcas. This was an experience never to be forgotten by any of the group.

Throughout the week we enjoyed wonderful encounters with nature. From the moment we departed we found super squadrons of mobula rays, turtles, and massive schools of dolphins that were receptive to us snorkeling alongside them. Our dedication and time on the ocean paid off and we were rewarded with magic.

This was one of the best trips we have had so far, we experienced a wonderful connection and appreciated the trust between man and apex predator.

Throughout the trip, all of the guests experienced phenomenal experiences. Here are a few quotes shared shortly after their encounters.

“Best day ever.” as she was crying Tara

“This was an amazing encounter with mother nature’s largest predator. I LOVE this trip!” Chelsea

“I haven’t seen an interaction with orcas like this before,” said the Captain.

For the rest of June we have orca and mobula safaris. July we have manta and orca safaris and August Spearmwhale and orca safaris. Contact us for more details if you are interested in one of our ocean safaris.

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