Trip report 26 Septemeber 2022

We left the dock in Cabo San Lucas today on our Orca safari on a quest for Orcas and that was exactly what we got.

We were first welcomed to the Pacific side of the Baja peninsular by a large pod of Atlantic spotted dolphins. They were very curious and let us swim with them for a long time, they looked at us and even swam around in circles around us.

After almost 2 hours with the whales, we started our journey back to Cabo San Lucas along the way we saw 4 turtles, a mako shark, 2 huge marlins and at the end of our trip, we got the cherry on the cake… a massive male orca joined our safari.

The orca swam right towards our boat and stayed with us for such a long time, it was alone and had no distractions. We hoped in the water with it when it was relaxed and it swam straight to us and looked at us right in the eye, it was an unforgettable moment.

We go on these safaris each day to look for pelagic animals. During this month the orcas have been in the same area so the chances of finding them are high. For more information send us an email or check out or page.

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