Ocean safari trip report

Ocean safari Cabo San Lucas

Ocean safari Cabo San Lucas excursions is the perfect trip if you seek adventure, love the open ocean, and the fresh air in your face. One of the best trips you can take to see and snorkel or free dive with some wildlife you have never seen before is on an Ocean safari boat trip.

Off the coast of Cabo San Lucas each year there are migrations of sharks, whales, and rays all year round at the tip of the Baja peninsular. The best way to see these migrations is to take a boat out in the open ocean of the Sea of Cortez or the Pacific to find the wonderful marine life the ocean has to offer.

Our experienced captain and guide take out small groups on 3-hour boat trips to look for humpback, grey, sperm, fin whales, orcas, schools of mobula rays, turtles, dolphins, sharks, marlins sea lions, and much more.

This week we have had some incredible Ocean safaris on the pacific side of Cabo San Lucas. We have been seeing some spectacular humpback whale action. We watched 2 humpbacks’ tail slap simultaneously for 10 minutes. We had 3 humpbacks under our boat and we were able to watch them roll and interact with us. We had a mother humpback showing her baby how to breach and fin slap. We were so lucky on one of our trips this week to see and spend a lot of time with 2 grey whales. They hung out next to our boat for a long time allowing us to see the marbled effect on their skin.

Whale watching and snorkeling

While you are sitting in the boat waiting for the whales to breach, other pelagic animals may catch your eye. We have had numerous Marlins jumping out of the water 10 times in a row in front of the boat. There was also a turtle that let us snorkel with it for over 5 minutes. When we see amazing marine life on our ocean safaris we try to jump in the water and have an interaction with it, if the animal is showing the right behavior. Our ocean safaris are a way for you to get close to the pelagic animals that you can not see on a standard snorkel tour on a reef. You see the animals that live in the open ocean. This tour is fantastic if you like to avoid other people, it is a getaway and a place to enjoy nature. Your highly experienced captain and guide will take you out to a spot where you can enjoy peace and nature, this is an eco-tour.

The adventure is for divers and non-divers. If you would like to bring others along for the ride, it is fantastic to enjoy the marine life from the boat.

You can join our safaris for multiple days to see a variety of marine life. Check out our page for more information:

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