Night dives in any location show us an entirely new world however in Cabo you have the chance to see bioluminescence, the coral change forms and the animals hunting and mating.

When you carry out Night dives in Cabo San Lucas the scene changes as animals you see in the day sleep and nocturnal organisms emerge so you see different animals. You can see some of the same animals as in the day but their behavior changes, the animals you usually see swimming is now resting. At night, you see only the dive site area lit by your light, which forces you to slow down, take in the view and concentrate on that one area forcing you to see a dive site from a new perspective. You have the opportunity to watch nocturnal creatures go on the hunt, this goes for eels, octopus and the nocturnal animals come out like the rays, crabs and slipper lobsters. The dive sites in Cabo San Lucas completely change at night as the “flowering” Orange cup corals open up and make the area look like there is a bed of flowers on the rock formation.


Night diving, a different world!

Cabo San Lucas is a very lively place, the typical thing to do after sunset is to eat and drink, here we offer you a different way to enjoy Cabo bay after sunset.

Even the diving vibe at night is different, the scene changes, marine life is different, and you go much slower to really take in the new behavior of the animals. Our dive lights will illuminate the walls and reveal a display of different colors that cannot be seen during the day. Night dives are a calm, relaxing and unique experience under the moonlight, The best part of the dive is when all diver turn their lights to their chests and we get to see the sea lit up by the glowing green bioluminescence.

If Night dives in Cabo San Lucas interest you and you would like more information please contact us for more.

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