Trip report June 19th 2022

We have been with the mobula ray in La Ventana for the past 3 months and now they have started their migration down to Los Cabos. For the upcoming month, we will be spending a lot of time in the water snorkeling with mobula munkianas as they spend their mating season along the coastline of Cabo San Lucas and San Jose.

We left the marina early morning as we usually do to get the sunrise and headed north into the Sea of Cortez looking for action at the surface. We were about to jump into the water at a reef to have a refreshing snorkel when we saw 5 mobula rays jumping from the water at the same time. We headed over to the action and sure enough, there was a huge school of mobulas below. Each person on the boat had a fantastic experience in the water with the mobula rays. We were able to put our faces down and just watch the mobula rays swim peacefully together in a school, very calm and slowly. We were able to snorkel with the rays for over an hour and got some fantastic footage. As we were getting out of the water we heard a report of Orcas.

As we navigated back towards the Cabo San Lucas arch, to the left of our boat there was a pod of orcas. They were moving through the water towards the Pacific ocean and they were right next to our boat, it was an incredible experience and such a surprise. We were able to stay with them for a short while before leaving the family in peace to make their way north.

There is a chance to see orcas each day of the mobula ray season and you also have the chance to see many other pelagic animals. For more information on this tour please contact us or book directly.

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