June 2nd 2022.

We took the transportation from Cabo San Lucas to the sleepy village of La Ventana BCS. From the second we arrived on the beach in La Ventana it was obvious it was going to be a great day. The water was flat and there were no other boats in sight. As we drove around the coastline we stopped numerous times to watch the mobula rays jump out of the water and belly flop in front of us. We found a big shadow at the surface and knew it was time to slide in the water with them in a stealthy way so we didn’t disrupt their behavior. 

As we reached the surface and looked down there were layers of mobula munkiana below and in front of us. We had the chance to swim with thousands of mobula rays for 2 hours as the school just stayed with us. They were not disturbed by us, we got close interactions as they were swimming in a vortex formation in circles below us.

We enjoyed the super squadron sore below us and we had the chance to take wonderful photos and videos before moving to an area where there were hundreds of common dolphins.

The pod of dolphins surrounded the boat and played with the waves for fo an hour. They even came to check us out when we jumped in the water, it was incredible to see them underwater. 

Any thing can happen

On this trip to swim with the schools of mobula rays you have the chance to see so much marine life in the sea of Cortez, one of the world’s most biodiverse bodies of water.

The mobula rays cone to La Ventana due to the nutrient-rich, upwelling oceanic currents. Zooplankton and phytoplankton thrive in the upwellings and serve as a great feast for mobula rays. This also attracts other wonderful animals which we see out on the water on our mobula excursion each day.

Our mobula excursions to La Ventana run from the end of March to mid-June. we pick you up from your hotel, take you to La Ventana and give you breakfast and coffee. You will be out on the water for at least 4 hours with mobula rays and the animals the sea of Cortez has to offer. There are snacks and drinks on the boat and equipment is included if needed.

This is a day trip of a lifetime, check out more information about the trip or send us a message to ask for more details. 

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