12 July 2022 Cabo San Lucas

The mobula rays arrived in their thousands this week to Cabo San Lucas and we have been out and about on the boat wwatching them jump and flap at the surface.

Today were lucky enogh to see 3 turtles and had the opportunity to jump in the water with one turtle that was sunbathing, a school of cow nose rays and of course, what we were looing for… a massive school of mobula rays.

The big school of mobula rays were so relaxed. The mobula rays are in the waters of Cabo San Lucas to mate so often they are quite fast swwimming close to the surface but today they were vey calm and relaxed and allowed us to snorkel with them. We snorkeled with the mobula rays for over 30 minuites, the most fun thing wwas that there were cow nose rays swwiming in the school of mobula rays, they looked tiny in comparison to the mobula rays.

As we were with the mobula rays we had a big school of Toro jacks swwim past us, it wwas a great suprise.

Over all today was a fantastic trip and this year has given us an amazing mobula ray season. We still have a month left and the water is warm, come an join us for a 3 hour snorkel tour to snorkel with mobula rays and pelagic animals we find along the way.

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