Mobula excursion trip report

We have a day trips to La Ventana each day of the season to snorkel with mobula rays, each day is different and more spectacular than the last! Our mobula excursions are based La Ventana, if you are staying in other locations we also provide transportation. The time on the boat is from 8-12/1 pm and in that time you have the chance to swim with thousands of rays, orcas, dolphins, turtles, sea lions and whales. Each day, seems to get more and more impressive out on the water. The goal is to look for Mobula Munkiana, you have the chance to see them jumping out of the water like popcorn as well as below the water in schools of hundreds or even thousands.

Mobula ray day

Each trip starts with breakfast and coffee, the boat ride is usually short before we find the action. Most trips we get to swim with hundreds of Mobula rays! The water is warm and we get to see mobula rays jumping at the surface and backflipping next to the boat. This however is nothing compared to the sight you see under the water, the layers of mobulas are never-ending and she shools go further than the eye can see. At first we snorkel at the surface and eventually freedive for a closer look and to become part of the school.

What else is there to see

This trip we were able to see thousands of mobulas in a very calm school and we got to stay with them for 1 hour before returning to the boat for some fruit and water. As we rested for a while we were joined by dolphins, what a surprise, you never know what will appear next on these trips. They were jumping all around the boat and getting closer to us to have a good look. On our way back to the mobulas we saw a turtle and some sea lions. On our next jump with the mobulas they were closer and calmer. We stayed with them again until we were tired, we even had the opportunity to free dive with them, they stayed very calm and let us get close.

The seasons

If you would like to see the mobula rays and all of the other amazing marine life in La Ventana this season or next season let us know the season in Cabo San Lucas also begins in July, we would love to take you to see these wonderful creatures.

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