September 22 2022 Trip report

We drive to La Ventana for an ocean safari in hope to swim with a giant manta, we were in luck. We got to swim with the manta numerous times, it was graceful, slow and let us spend a lot of time with it!

We left by boat on our quest to find a manta and on the way out we had the pleasure of spending 1.5 hours with a blue whale. The blue whale was small for its species but a big animal and amazing to watch for such a long time.

After a while we gave the whale the peace it deserved and continued our journey. We found our beautiful black manta at the surface, we got into the water and we were able to snorkel along side and be hind the manta for over an hour, it was curious by us and swam very calm and slowly the entire time allowing us to take videos and photos before moving to our next water adventure.

The reef of La Raina is wonderful, we saw octopus, eels, tropical fish, turtles and 7 friendly sea lions sleeping at the surface. The sea lions were so relaxed and allowed us to freedive around them for hours.

On our journey back to shore we found a pod of thousands of common dolphins. They circled our boat and let us watch them jump and play in the water.

This is a typical day on one of our ocean safaris. If you would like to join us and look for sperm whales and mantas, send us an email.

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