When you make a trip to visit Cabo you have a wide variety of dive sites to choose from, we will even take you to La Paz or Cabo Pulmo to really get the most out of your experience.

Diving In Cabo San Lucas bay

With vibrant marine life and a dazzling underwater landscape, Cabo San Lucas marine park diving is full of marine life from tropical fish, to octopus to sea lions. This is a half-day trip and there are 5 dive sites to choose from so you could dive here for 2 day if you have the time. Each dive site is very different, you can

watch the Sand falls cascade down the canyon dive with the playful sea lions next to the famous arch

and find the rays and macro around pelican rock and north wall.

Cabo Corridor

Diving in the corridor is only 10 minutes away from the bay however it is a completely different experience. Diving in the corridor you have the chance to see different types of rays, listen to whales sing and white tip reef sharks hiding in cracks. This is a remote diving site that offers a relaxed and quiet diving experience.

Cabo Pulmo Diving

Get a close look at one of the world’s healthiest reefs at in Baja Califonia Sur. Cabo Pulmo is a marine National Park and offers divers the chance to dive will bull sharks, big schools of jacks and groupers the size of divers. Enjoy diving along a pristine reef in a relaxed beach dive setting.

Night Dive in Cabo

Night dives always show us an entirely new perspective to the underwater world. The scene changes as day creatures sleep and the nocturnal organisms emerge, we get to see a new world. Enjoy watching bioluminescence, flowering cup coral, hunting creatures and mating crustations in the nocturnal world.


Sea lion diving in La Paz

Some of the most exciting diving in the area is with baby sea lions. We take you to La Paz where you have time to enjoy 2 dives with the cheeky sea lions. The sea lions in this colony interact with divers and like to play. There is also an amazing reef and tropical fish to enjoy while you are on the dive.

If you plan to visit Cabo and would like to dive or plan a multi-day dive trip, reach out and chat to us for more information or check out our website for more information.

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