Scuba diving is one of the many activity’s on holidaymakers ‘to do lists’.  For many it is relaxing and allows time to transport to the underwater world to escape reality.

This can be done in may different places in the Baja Peninsular, this time we will cover Cabo San Lucas.


Diving in Cabo is perfect for amateurs and professionals alike.  The dive sites begin from the beach so new divers can usually start in very shallow water.  The canyon drops to the dark depths so is fantastic for Deep and even Tech diving.

Throughout the year the water of the Baja changes rapidly, from the cold Pacific water pushed down from the North to the tropical crystal clear summer water.  The marine life changes with the water throughout the year making the diving exciting and always different.


During the months of May and June Mobula Rays come to the Baja to mate.  These can be the coldest month varying between 50-75°however as soon as the water warms up, the Mobulas take over the Bay and Corridor of Cabo San Lucas.  In this short time they are the top attraction from both the beach and the boat and they jump in their thousands out of the water and belly-flop back down again.

If you are diving at the right place at the right time you can be one of the lucky ones that witnesses the Rays soar by under water like a Flock of graceful birds. It is an incredible feeling to wonder what is blocking all of the light from the dive site and look up to find a blanket of beautiful Mobula Rays.

If you are diving with Cabo-Excursions at this time of year we will do our very best to go to the best place at the best time for our guests to witness this magical moment with the Mobula Rays.  With the best, professional instructors in the area with a lot of local experience in the area, this company will exceed expectations of the Baja.  Take advantage of your time in Cabo San Lucas to upgrade your diving knowledge and carryout your next diving certification or even a diving specialty.

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