It is easy to dive

Complete a beginner dive in Cabo San Lucas. Learning to scuba dive is one of the most unique and exciting journeys you can take. Diving is more accessible than you would think and easy to do. Many people think that you have to get certified to experience scuba diving. If this were true how would you ever know if you want to make the commitment of a certification?

Beginner dive in Cabo

You can complete a discover Scuba diving class to experience diving for the first time. This includes a briefing, practice at the surface, skills underwater, and of course, a dive. This whole adventure only takes around 3 hours. You will find out if you love diving and have memories that will last forever.

Beginner divers on their first dive.
Beginner divers loving their time under water!!

Learning new skills

Scuba diving is quite often a bucket list item, it is also easy to try and accessible on your next trip to Cabo San Lucas. The instructors at Cabo excursions love showing the underwater world to divers for the first time. They will take you through the basics of the equipment, show you how to equalize and breathe underwater. You will receive a detailed briefing delivered by a certified PADI instructor. This is where you will learn the background knowledge needed before exploring the vibrant dive site. When everything is clear with you, it is time to try diving for the first time. The dive starts in a very shallow area where you can enjoy the wonderful marine life of the sea of Cortez.

Learning to scuba dive involves achieving comfort with your surroundings and equipment. When you are comfortable you can explore the underwater world in a safe, enjoyable manner. This is a relaxing and enjoyable activity that anyone can try, your first dive will be unforgettable.

What is there to see on a beginner dive in Cabo?

cabo-excursions, School of Jacks see while diving

On each beginner dive in Cabo San Lucas, you will have the opportunity to visit the beautiful Pelican rock which is bursting with life year-round. It is wonderful for snorkeling and diving alike and it is possible to see numerous schools of fish in different shapes and sizes. You can also spot rays, octopus, and a cheeky sea lion. Within a few minutes in the water, you will master using the equipment as well as all of the and skills needed to go on your first dive, hopefully, the first of many.  You also have the option to venture further afield to the Corridor where in season you can see Mobula rays, hear whales and enjoy the wonderful reef.

The experience does not end under the water, the views from the boat are also stunning at the surface. You will have the opportunity to enjoy photo opportunities of the famous beaches, caves, sea lions, and the arch of Cabo San Lucas.

If you fall in love with Scuba diving you have the opportunity to do a second dive.
This trip can be a mix of beginner divers, certified divers, snorkelers, and boat lovers, to find out more check out or contact us and we can answer any questions you may have.

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