Mag bay and sea lion

Mag bay and sea lion combo allows you to pack in as much as you can while you are on your trip. We collect you from Los Cabos and on the way to Mag bay we stop at the famous sea lions colony in La Paz to play with baby sea lions.

Mag bay

Marlin swim in Mag bay is one of the most exciting activities you can do in Baja California Sur.  Just off the coastline of Magdelena bay, 5 hours north of Los Cabos from October to December, it is possible to snorkel and free dive striped marlin and much more!! This is a trip for adventure seekers and ocean lovers, you have the chance to swim with your favorite pelagic animals.

Mag bay
Mobula night dive

Sealion snorkel-Espiritu Santo is a day trip filled with beauty and adventure.  You can snorkel with sea lions, enjoy the wonderful reef of Espiritu Santo and the tropical fish that live within it. This day trip is your opportunity to enjoy a complete day full to the brim with fun times, snorkeling and nature.

Mag bay and sea lion snorkel combo $1100

Mag bay and dive with sea lions combo

If you love diving and want to do one of the best dives in the Baja on your mag bay trip, we can make a stop on the way to mag bay so you can play with the sea lion pups.

Mag bay and sea lions dive

$150 pro photographer on tour.